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Troegenator Double Bock Beer – The Review

Hi Guys, Its been a bit of a while since I last wrote in ; been crazy busy with preparing for an international race next week in the Philippines! I have finally managed to get

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by Amar Kashmir | 5:13 am

Kilkenny Beer – The Review

Kilkenny is a Red ale originating from…. yes you guessed it; Kilkenny in Ireland. It is a creamy ale similar to that of Guinness ; in fact it is cut from the same cloth

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by Amar Kashmir | 11:36 am

Craft Beer Gift Sets- To Gift or Not to Gift?

We all know that Craft Beer has been around for quite a while and a sizeable number of people are indeed venturing into it further. We all do this for a number of reasons,

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The Beer Keg

  The Beer Keg ; keg noun  \ ˈkeg , dialectal ˈkag , ˈkāg \ Definition of keg (courtesy of Merriam- Webster) 1. a small cask or barrel having a capacity of 30 gallons or less 2. the contents of a keg I would say

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Beer Glasses – Probably just as Important as the Beer itself

Apart from the proverbial bottle of beer, not much else can beat the splitting image of drinking out of a proper pint or – if you are more ‘hardcore’ – a Stein glass…. unless

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About Amar

Hi there! Welcome to For the Love of Beer ; a site dedicated to sharing everything there is to about this beverage that connects people from various backgrounds! This site also helps us with

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